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UK has introduced a new streamlined point based Tier 4 student visa systems for international students where you need to have 70 points for visa approval. If you are an international student and you do not have any idea how to apply for UK student visa under new point based system (PBS) this post will help you a lot. In order to get Tier 4 UK student visa you must acquire 70 points and these points are divided in few categories. You must fulfil their admission and visa requirements so that you can claim 70 points. And successfully obtain UK study permit visa.

Studying in the UK is one of the most prestigious thing can happen to any students life because of their world class education systems. British education systems are very rigorous and awarding among overseas students. The simple way to put this thing is “you need to secure admission unconditionally to UKVI registered highly trusted sponsor (institutes)“. And show proof of maintenance funds that you are financially capable of studying in the UK without taking any public helps from either UK or your own government.

Point based system (PBS) UK student Visa

For your convenience we are showing you the table how to get the 70 points. The 70 points divided in 3 categories

  1. Study – secure admission to UK Tier 4 licensed university/school/college – 50 points
  2. Finance – show your maintenance (tuition & living expenses) funds – 10 points
  3. Language abilities – you must demonstrate you’ve required English language proficiency – 10 points

Along with these 70 points you also need to prepare yourself for the credibility interview with the visa officer (optional). The crediblity interview is not mandatory but if a visa officer have concerns or doubt on their mind about the application they may request an interview. In the interview the purpose for the visa officer is to justify if the applicant is a bona fine (genuine) students or not.

By asking various questions about the course you are taking, your future plan, finance and other basic questions which may help them to understand your credibility as a student. Most of the UK universities conduct their own Pre-CAS interview in order to justify the students intention and prepare them for UKVI interview. However, like we said before it’s not a mandatory requirements so many institutes may opt out from this additional procedures.

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