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New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries to choose as a study destination. New Zealand offers overseas students a wide range of academic and non-academic qualifications. They are also referred to as the black caps or the kiwis as a nation. Studying in this beautiful island country will give anyone a great study abroad experience with their excellent facilities and support. Students can apply New Zealand student visa from Bangladesh. NZ’s boarder is now open again for international students to travel. NZ government resumed student visa application from 1st August 2022.

If we somehow managed to total this whole article into a solitary sentence, it would peruse this: “New Zealand is a spellbindingly delightful nation, loaded up with cordial and inviting individuals, and elite colleges.” That’s it; however, New Zealand merits significantly more profundity and detail than that.

Study in New Zealand from Bangladesh with Scholarships

Studying abroad is always a big concern of financial support. You must have enough funds to cover your tuition and living expenses to study in New Zealand. Universities and colleges in New Zealand support international students financially by providing bursaries, grants, scholarships, etc. Students from Bangladesh can apply or check their eligibility for Entrance or Partial Scholarships to study in New Zealand. Complete the form to check your eligibility to study in New Zealand and get some scholarships.

Top 5 reasons to study in New Zealand

  • World-class education and excellent research facilities
  • New Zealand offer a great multicultural environment to the overseas students
  • Scholarships, bursaries and competitive tuition expenses
  • Natural beauty and safety is other key reasons parents send their child to study
  • Study, work and settle. Opportunity to settle after graduation

Post-Study Work Visas

After completing your degrees, if you would like to stay longer in New Zealand and explore international work experience post-study work permit might be the one you are finding.

A post-study work permit visa will allow you up to 3 years of open work permit in New Zealand. The duration of work permit depends on the degree level and course you studied. You can find more details on New Zealand Immigration website.

New Zealand University Admission Requirements

We discussed the Undergraduate and Postgraduate admission requirements below – click the titles the read university admission requirements in detail. 

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Top 5 subject to study in New Zealand

Business being the most popular courses to study but other areas also very promising such as Information Technology, Tourism & Hospitality, Engineering, Marine Science etc. Today’s youth are very intelligent and they usually do their due research on their subject choice better than ever. 

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