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Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading throughout the world affecting student visa significantly. International students planning to study abroad is being also affected with this epidemic. Now the question is how this is going to affect international students. Mostly Australia, UK, Canada, USA and many other European institutes taking precautions with public gathering and as a result classes being suspend. Many universities conducting classes online until further notice. Anyone applied for a study visa to any country may cause visa processing delays and for the you should keep yourself up to date with the concern countries visa consulate or local embassy.

Student visa and coronavirus

Few countries already suspended many existing visa’s for a specific period of time or until further notice. A good number of visa center staffs are working remotely (work from home) or they’ve been instructed to do so. So this will definitely delay many student visa application process whether its for UK, Australia, Canada or USA, Malaysia or China. If you found your visa application taking longer than expected you should assume this could be one of the reason.

In a recent news, Sophie Trudeau found positive on COVID-19 test and Justin Trudeau has been self-isolated after his wife became the latest causality.

Coronavirus affected student visa

Precautions and travel abroad

Government restrictions implemented to many countries while traveling. Students being asked to take necessary precautions and medicine to avoid virus. You should be aware of many airport checking. During your travel you may asked to go through tests. Entering on many countries you may even asked for ‘home quarantine’ for 2 weeks even if you are not affected. You should also keep an eyes for latest coronavirus news.

How to avoid Corona virus (Covid-19)

You can definitely reduce the risk of being effected from COVID-19. Here’s the few tips for students how to keep yourself risk free from Corona virus

  • Keep yourself clean (wash your hands with soap, regular showers and maintain healthy hygiene)
  • Cover nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing (perhaps use a mask)
  • Avoid public gathering and transportation
  • Consult nearby doctors as soon as you feel sick (fever, regular coughs etc)

Till to date there’s no medication or treatment discovered for this virus. But it is advisable that you should be careful about the rumors. If you need more information please contact graduate track consultancy for further assistance.

You can get latest updates from the following countries immigration or relevant authorities UKCISA news, Canada Government, Australian immigration and Schengen visa information.

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