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How to avoid Canadian student visa refusal from Bangladesh

Canadian student visa refusal is a significant concern for many students. To study in Canada, the student must demonstrate they are a bonafide or genuine student during student visa application submission to IRCC. There are a few common mistakes students and counsellors make when they apply for a temporary study permit in Canada. You must address and explain the few everyday things in your study plan to the visa officer about your purpose, financial ability to study in Canada, and willingness to return to your home country after completing the proposed degree. 

Course selection: You should be able to choose the right course to reach your academic and career goals. Show your passion for the selected method and explain the key things you will take away from this course. 

Sometimes students come from different academic backgrounds to start the other course; the visa officer may ask why you are selecting this course, e.g., A engineering background student applying to study Project Management or MBA. There’s nothing wrong with changing academic courses, but you must give a compelling reason to the visa officer behind the reason for selecting this subject. 

Purpose of Study: You must do enough research before selecting any course and explain the degree’s benefit to your career. 

  • Why you have chosen to come to Canada
  • How this particular program will help your professional goals
  • How this program will be of benefit to your future career

Leaving at the end of stay: Canadian student visa is a temporary resident permit to study other than nothing in general. It would help if you satisfied the visa officer that you’ll return to your home country after completing your degree. It would help if you gave credible reasons to VO after completing your course; you’ve enough reasons to return to your country of birth. 

Demonstrate your ties to your country: Social and family links are essential to your home country. Give solid reasons to prove your family ties. Briefly declare your family member’s position and financial status. 

These are the main areas student should concentrate on when they write their study plan or SOP during their student visa application for Canada. If you are a student from Bangladesh seeking help to complete your Canadian student visa, you may seek assistance from an experienced Canadian student visa agency in Bangladesh.

Graduate Track Consultancy helped over 100+ Bangladeshi students to study in Canada. We have even helped students with previous visa refusals from Canada. Our experienced counsellor can identify the weak points of your profile. Consult with an educational agency or your counsellor before submitting your visa application to your nearest Canadian Visa Application Center.

Canada Student Visa Refusal Rate

Now, if you wonder what is the Canada student visa refusal rate from Bangladesh! Determining the Canadian student visa refusal rate is not straightforward, but it depends on the IRCC’s regular updates of temporary residence visa stats.

As of 28 February 2022, IRCC has published a country-wise visa acceptance rate, indicating a 38% approval rate from Bangladesh. Considering the visa approval rate from Bangladesh in 2021, it appears there’s a 9% lower visa acceptance rate.

Country2022 Approval Rate
Until Feb 28, 2022
2021 Approval Rate2020 Approval Rate

However, recently, we have seen a significant increase in student visa application from Bangladesh. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of applications was also lower than in 2022. So an increasing number of applications submitted for a student visa and visa rejections exist. Nevertheless, the student should prepare themselves with a solid understanding of all the metrics a visa officer considers making an assessment, which we have already discussed. Visa refusal is an overall common outcome of an application, so they need to be careful in preparing documents.


Canada Student Visa Refused!

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