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International students studying in Canada can change their education provider or (DLI), e.g. from one university to another university or college. Many international students want to change their educational institute or program after arriving in Canada or for many other reasons such as finding lower tuition fees, quality of education, province change etc. Suppose you have a valid Canadian study permit and are actively studying (enrolled) in a college or university. In that case, you may be eligible to change the institutes or designated Learning Institute.

What is DLI?

Designated learning institute (DLI) is an authorised educational institute in Canada that is approved to recruit international students to provide education. There are many other public and private institutes across Canada, but not all institutes are eligible to provide education to overseas students. The international student must be admitted to a university, college or school with a valid DLI from the Canadian government. You can quickly check and find out if your chosen institute has a valid DLI number or not. Click here to check.

Check your eligibility to change the DLI

Changing university or college is not a problematic task in Canada, but you must maintain your full-time student status and other immigration rules as per your study permit requirements. The few common things you must follow before changing the DLI

  • Enrolled at a Designated Learning Institute
  • Actively studying in Canada (within Canada only)
  • If you are outside Canada and want to change your DLI, then you must submit a new study permit application
  • Not eligible if you are actively not studying or not enrolled.

How to change the DLI?

First of all you must get an admission with your new education provider who have a valid Designated Learning Institute number. Once you get admission confirmation or Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from your new university/college/school you can carry on with the DLI changing procedures. You must inform IRCC when you change an institute by changing your DLI number. Your Canada student visa permit may be jeopardised if you do not comply with your study permit conditions.

How to change university/college or program within Canada?

Despite being in Canada already, it doesn’t give you much advantage in terms of admission requirements set by the university/college. You still need to meet the admission requirements, e.g. minimum grades, IELTS/TOEFL score, course-specific requirements and additionally academic progress report from your old Candian educational institute.

You may also seek professional admission service providers, e.g. Educational representatives, agents etc. Graduate Track Consultancy can help you change your university or program.


Change University or College in Canada

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How much does it cost to change college or university in Canada?

Changing educational institutes (university to university or college to university) in Canada doesn’t require service fees except for the application and tuition fees. Most educational agencies in Canada can help you with the institute change free of cost, but if you seek help from a lawyer, they may charge you for their service. Please ask the service provider (agent/lawyer) about their charges before you start taking the assistance. 

Can I change my university from one province to another province in Canada?

There are no such restrictions for international students, changing provinces as long as you maintain your immigration status. For example, you came to study at the International College of Manitoba (ICM) at the University of Manitoba. For some reason, you would like to transfer from Manitoba to British Columbia or Ontario institutes. You can transfer from one province to another province, but you must meet the new educational institute admission requirements. Apply to your chosen university or college in Toronto, Vancouver or any other city you like to start your academic career.

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