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Mount Saint Vincent University, also called the Mount, is a public university. The University is mainly popular for undergraduate programs, though it also offers some unique postgraduate programs. MSVU is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was established in 1873. Halifax is Canada’s second-largest natural harbour and the lively hub of Atlantic Canada. The blooming city is best known for its historical charm, community spirit, fresh seafood, and incredible natural landscapes. 

Why Study at MSVU?

MSVU offers 34 graduate programs in areas including Applied Human Nutrition, Child and Youth Study, Communication, Education, Family Studies and Gerontology, Public Relations, and Women’s Studies. In addition, there is a total of eight certificate and diploma programs. MSVU has a faculty-to-Student Ratio of 1:20 and more than 350 full and part-time faculty. Classes are small, and each year, hundreds of students benefit from more than $3 million in scholarships and bursaries. There are internships and Co-ops in every undergraduate program. MSVU is the only University in Canada that offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in Public Relations.

Popular Undergraduate Courses at MSVU

MSVU offers a vast range of courses, unique collections of programs, undergraduate research opportunities, and some of the most petite class sizes in Canada. Here are some of the popular undergraduate courses-

  • Bachelor of Arts – Economics, English, History, Women’s Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Communication, Political Studies, Psychology, Public Policy.
  • Bachelor of Science – Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, Computer Science (courses), Physics.
  • Bachelor of Education.
  • Diploma Programs – Business Administration, Accounting, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Marketing, Community Leadership.

Popular Graduate Courses at MSVU

MSVU offers more than 34 postgraduate programs, including interdisciplinary and professional programs. Most degree programs that MSVU offers have some of the lowest tuition rates in all of Canada. Scholarships and financial supports are available for deserving students. Some of the popular graduate programs at MSVU are – 

  • Human Nutrition and Life Sciences
  • IT and Engineering Programs
  • Child and Youth Studies
  • Women and Gender studies
  • Public Relations & Communication
  • Business programs
  • Tourism and Hospitality

International tuition fees for Undergraduate students

Tuitions below are the costs for two semesters (10 courses) of an undergraduate degree program for new students starting in the 2022-23 academic year. Compared to other Canadian Universities, the tuition fees are comparatively low and manageable for the students and their families.

Tuition fees at the MSVU for International Undergraduate students are estimated at $18,761- $19,191 per year. 

Graduate Tuition fees for International Students

Graduate tuition fees at Mount Saint Vincent University are among the lowest in Canada. Some programs offer competitive funding packages for graduate students in research-oriented programs. International Students Fees for graduate students are estimated to $12,366 (6 Courses).

Tuition fees are subject to change at any time** (check MSVU website for accurate fees).

Admission Requirements

Admission requirement varies from country to country. However, For Bangladeshi students, a minimum higher secondary certificate (HSC) or A levels must be completed to study in Canada. For Graduate admission Bangladeshi applicants must have a 4 years bachelor degree with at least 73% (or CGPA 3.0/4.0). For more details how to apply contact MSVU official agent in Bangladesh.

Top 5 reason to study at MSVU, Halifax

  1. Location: Halifax is home to more than 60,000 college students each year from all around the world. Why else would they not? Halifax is a reasonably priced city with a great music life, fantastic nightlife, and views of the ocean. The next moment, you might have been sitting at a seaside café watching ships go past meanwhile, the previous one had you trying on some spectacular clothing at a cutting-edge boutique. Halifax offers all the necessities.
  2. A wonder: Big ideas are best nurtured in a small environment, according to MSVU, which has small class numbers, a small community, and a compact campus. But don’t be fooled by its relatively small size; there are countless possibilities to explore, learn, and discover at this Halifax wonder!
  3. Small Class size: The majority of your classes at MSVU will have less than 24 students, unlike many other universities where you’ll be thrown into a class with hundreds of other students. The class sizes at MSVU are among the smallest in Canada, according to Maclean’s magazine. They are proud for their small class size and professors’ able to take extra care of all the students. 
  4. Easy Permanent residency: Nova scotia has many immigration pathways that easily create paths towards permanent residency for international students. Like Ontario or British Columbia, Nova scotia have the easiest route to get settled in Canada after graduation. Most notable pathways are Atlantic Immigration Nominee Program, Study and Stay Nova Scotia, NSNP International Graduate Entrepreneur, NSNP Skilled Worker stream, NSNP Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry.
  5. Affordable living: Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia province and one of major city in the Atlantic region. The cost of living in Halifax is half of Toronto or Vancouver. It has also one of the lowest crime rate among major cities in Canada. Housing is much more affordable than Toronto or Vancouver. Due to the increased International students in that reason rents though hiking up but still affordable.
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