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The Best Canadian Universities & Colleges in 2023

Many international students want to study at one of the top Canadian universities and colleges. Every year, the QS system ranks universities per their global standing and subject-wise performance (which includes 48 different subjects and five faculty areas) along with five regional tables.

According to the QS Ranking 2023, there are three universities in the top 100 and eleven universities in the top 250 in the global ranking table. McGill University is the best-ranked university in Canada, securing 31st position worldwide.

Here is a table of the top 25 universities in Canada with their global and country position.

RankGlobal RankingUniversity NameOverall Score
131McGill University81.9
2=34University of Toronto81.5
347University of British Columbia77
4110University of Alberta56.9
5=116Université de Montréal55.9
6152McMaster University50.4
7154University of Waterloo50
8=172Western University46.7
9=237University of Ottawa39.4
10242University of Calgary39
11=246Queen’s University at Kingston38.8
12=308Dalhousie University34.3
13=328Simon Fraser University32.9
14=359University of Victoria (UVic)30.5
15433Université Laval26.9
16456York University25.9
17=473University of Saskatchewan25.1
18551-560Concordia University
19571-580Université du Québec
20591-600University of Guelph
21601-650Carleton University
22651-700University of Manitoba
23701-750University of New Brunswick
24751-800Memorial University of Newfoundland
25751-800University of Windsor
Source: QS Ranking 2023

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