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The University of Niagara Falls, Canada (UNFC), is located in the heart of Niagara Falls’ downtown, in a historic tourist spot just an hour and a half away from Downtown Toronto. It is one of the closest cities to Toronto to get the vibe of studying in one of the most dynamic cities in Canada. UNFC is set to welcome its very first batch in this summer 2024 session. The university is a private university established in 2024 with a set to provide world-class education to students.

UNFC will provide a state-of-the-art programmes with a specialization in providing possibilities for skill enhancement for working professionals. There is a substantial demand for this in Canada as well as globally. 

As the university welcomes its inaugural class of students and prepares for a decade of profound change in Niagara Falls city, collaborations with other academic institutions in the area will be essential to the organization’s goal. 

UNFC has the DLI in Ontario to provide top-class education to international students as well. UNFC is a private university owned by Global University Systems Canada, a.k.a. GUS Canada. After graduation, international students at UNF can get post-graduate work permits as per the immigration rules.

Under the GUS banner, the Niagara-based university will be the second for-profit university in Canada. Vancouver-based University Canada West was established in 2004. In almost 90% of cases, its enrollment is made up of international students from 110 different countries.

Official agent of the University of Niagara Falls Canada (UNFC) in Bangladesh

The university offers some unique, in-demand academic programs that might help Bangladeshi students fulfil their study dreams in Canada. Graduate Track Consultancy is one of their student recruitment partners in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The agency can assist with career advice, Canada student visa information and admission support for Bangladeshi students interested in studying in Canada. Graduate Track Consultancy is the official student recruitment partner agency in Bangladesh and South Asia region.

UNF Canada offers the following undergraduate degrees 

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences: Acquire a deeper comprehension of the Biomedical Sciences and begin your path to a healthcare industry profession. The Biomedical Sciences Bachelor’s degree is designed for individuals passionate about creating novel medical technologies and healthcare professions.

After completing the BSc degree successfully and earning a GPA of 3.0 or higher, you will be eligible to acquire a full year of transfer credits towards your medical degree (MD or MBBS) at one of the partner universities at Medical University of the Americas (MUA) or Saba University School of Medicine (SABA).

Bachelor of Business Administration: Mastering digital toolsets, analytics, and international business tactics will give you a competitive advantage in the digital economy. Their cutting-edge Bachelor of Business Administration has two majors in Digital Marketing and Digital Economy. Students will be able to gain a strong foundation in an ever-changing industry, readying them for whatever lies ahead.

Graduate degrees at UNF, Canada

  • Master of Data Analytics: One of the most demanding areas to study in Canada in the 21st Century at the Graduate level. Data or business analysis has become a prevalent emerging profession in Canada. A data analytics course prepares students with the fundamental abilities and proficiency required to glean insightful information from large datasets and use that information to make well-informed judgements and predictions across a range of domains. The University of Niagara Falls, Canada (UNFC) ‘s Masters in Data Analytics program will prepare students from IT or business backgrounds to become professionals in number-driven analytical professions, e.g. Financial analysts, Data Analysts, Business Analysts etc. 
  • Master of Management: A Master of Management (MM) equips students with the abilities and information required to lead companies in a variety of fields and industries. When it comes to helping people launch their careers in management, MM programmes usually target young graduates or those with little job experience, in contrast to standard MBA programmes that frequently demand several years of work experience and GRE/GMAT. At UNFC, you do not require a GMAT or GRE to start your academic journey for a Master of Management degree. University of Niagara Falls have tailor-made two different specializations in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Technology. 
  • Master of Arts in Digital Media and Global Communications: Digital media and global communications is another excellent course-based Master’s degree for students who want to specialize in their career. Masters in Digital Media and Communications is a 45-credit programme that provides a strong foundation in intercultural storytelling across various channels, including marketing, public relations, advertising, social media, gaming, eSports, entertainment, and education. It can be finished in five academic terms over 18 months.

Benefits of studying at the University of Niagara Falls Canada

  • State-of-the-art facilities at the heart of Niagara Falls
  • Three (3) year Post Study Work after graduation from UNFC
  • Fast and easy application process
  • Merits-based entrance scholarships available
  • Just 82 miles away from Toronto City (1.3h drive)
  • Cheaper living expenses compared to Toronto, yet it feels like living in Toronto
  • Career focused tailor-made degree 

Admission requirements at the University of Niagara Falls Canada for International students

Admission to a Bachelor’s or Graduate course is a hectic process in Canada. Graduate admissions have many requirements to meet before issuing an admission placement. Like many other Bachelor’s degrees, overseas students require Ontario provincial attestation letters. To study for a master’s degree (Graduate) course, no provincial attestation is required to process a Canada study permit application.

Click here to learn directly about undergraduate admission requirements at the UNFC website. 

For Graduate admissions, students need to have a four-year Bachelor’s degree from Bangladeshi universities with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0. Students with lower CGPAs may be accepted to pre-master admission with an additional semester. UNFC also accepts English as a Medium of study instruction (MOI) letters from selected public and private universities. Contact the Graduate Track agency to know if your university is accepted with MOI. Admission with an MOI letter is subject to change at any time at the university’s discretion. 


Apply with official Representative of UNFC

If you are interested in pursuing admission to University of Niagara Falls Canada, click the following link to contact your local representative in Dhaka. Graduate Track Bangladesh can provide bespoke customer service for the interested students studying at University of Niagara Falls Canada including airport pick up and accommodation services.

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