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Canada Schooling visa for Minor students (under 18 years of age) becoming very popular among Bangladesh students and parents. There’s plenty of concerned parents who want the best education for their child. Bangladesh education systems are not upgrading to international standards and along with an opportunity for parents to accompany Canada to look after their child while study abroad. For that Canada providing multiple entry visas to the parents as well.

Why should you send your child to study in Canada?

The main benefits of Canada student visa for minors are parents can accompany their child and look after them physically, possible immigration route, world-class teaching facilities, and so on. Upon finishing high school graduation in Canada students can directly enter to top leading Canadian university for their degree courses. The student doesn’t need to come back to their home country for a higher level of education e.g a Bachelor’s degree.

It has always been one of the best choices for international students. Canada is a peaceful, politically stable, and safe country. Canada has an internationally recognized degree, provides excellent health care to international students. It is a multicultural nation and has always welcomed students from around the world as it believes everyone deserves a good education.

Find a School in Canada

There’s plenty of elementary and secondary high schools in Canada who’s accepting international students. However, Bangladeshi parents mostly prefer Toronto based schools. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) schools are public and other well reputed private schools are also very demanding among international students. Here’s top 15 schools in Toronto where you can send your son or daughter for elementary or secondary high school.

  1. TDSB – Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute
  2. TDSB – Central Toronto Academy
  3. TDSB – Forest Hill Collegiate Institute
  4. TDSB – Monarch Park Collegiate Institute
  5. TDSB – Western Technical-Commercial School
  6. Toronto International College
  7. Willowdale High School
  8. Braemar College
  9. UMC High School
  10. Upper York Secondary School
  11. Birmingham International Collegiate of Canada, Toronto
  12. Blyth Academy
  13. UT Preparatory Academy
  14. TDSB – Kipling Collegiate Institute
  15. TDSB – Silverthorn Collegiate Institute

Canada Schooling Admission Procedures

To apply for Canada Schooling Visa for your child first of all you should get admitted to a school. Based on the students’ age either in Elementary school or Secondary School.

  • Elementary School (Kindergarten to Grade 8)
  • Secondary School (Grade 9 to Grade 12)

You need to secure admission to the Designated Learning Institute (DLI) based on your child’s age and grade. Once you get admission of offer you may require to pay one-year full tuition fees in advance (most schools require that).

After paying your Child’s tuition fees you need to wait for the final “Letter of Acceptance” from the school. Which will be used for Canada study permit or visa application. When you get the “Letter of Acceptance” from the school prepare visa documents. To get a letter of acceptance school may request relevant medical certificate/insurances and custodian declaration forms.

Canada Schooling Visa Requirements

All set but yet to process your visa applications. We are providing here very basic requirements and checklists. But this is maybe not enough because every individual applicant’s circumstance is different. We strongly recommend you take help from qualified/trained student consultancy agency in Bangladesh. They will be able to assist you with visa procedures.

Checklists for Schooling Visa from Bangladesh

  • Letter of Acceptance from School
  • Proof of tuition payment (bank receipts/receipts from school)
  • Valid travel document e.g Passport
  • Student birth certificate
  • Student police clearance certificate
  • Sponsor declaration (financial affidavit)
  • Student visa application forms (Application forms can be found from IRCC website)
  • Custodian Declaration forms
  • Medical certificate (if applicable)
  • Sponsor Financial statements (3-6 months minimum)
  • Income tax certificate from sponsor
  • A letter statement of purpose to study in Canada (optional for elementary students but recommended)

That’s the basic standard requirements for Canada Schooling Visa. Parents interested to apply for your child from Bangladesh should require additional documentations. If you are applying Canada schooling visa from Bangladesh you should be very cautious. Graduate Track consultancy is well trained and experience educational consultancy agency in Dhaka helping with Canada student visa from Bangladesh. If you need support with Canada school admission and visa assistance contact us.

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