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Today, Canadian student visa processing time is a very concerning matter for students. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global administration workforce decreased significantly. Like many other Bangladeshi students, they are also waiting for Canada student visa decisions for quite a long time. Immigration refuge Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said they are trying their best to reduce all types of applications, including study permits. A student must acquire a Canadian student visa before travelling to Canada to study.

Canada student visa process from Bangladesh

Usually, before the pandemic, over 90% of applications submitted paper-based and provided their biometric registration to VFS Dhaka. Since the pandemic came, most applications started submitting online using the IRCC website. Educational agencies, students, and parents are well aware of the online application process. The IRCC says standard processing time doesn’t include transferring time between Visa Application Centre (VAC) and IRCC office. Even the average processing time doesn’t assure you of a visa decision.

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa from Bangladesh?

Canadian student visa applications from Bangladesh are usually assessed in the Singapore IRCC office. Once a student applies online, the nearest Canada student visa processing unit in Singapore starts working on the application. The standard time for Canada visa processing time is not accurate. But you can find out the present processing time from the IRCC Canada website. Canada student visa refers to a temporary resident permit/visa.

Canada Visa Processing time
Select Application type and visa category to find out the current waiting time

We learned from various sources that it usually takes 4-8 weeks to process student visa applications for Bangladeshi students once you submit a complete application. A complete application means the student provided biometric enrolment, medical tests, and other necessary documents for the student visa application. However, this time is not accurate, and it constantly fluctuates. The application processing time depends on various factors.

On special occasions, we’ve seen student visa processing time take longer than usual. Especially in pandemic situations, the majority of temporary residence permit applications took 3-6 months (12-24 weeks). Canadian immigration is committed to reducing their application backlog and process faster. IRCC presently has 1.8 million applications in the backlog in their inventory, including Temporary residence permits, Permanent resident permits, Canadian experience class (Express Entry), and other humanitarian applications as of February 2022.

What if my Canada study permits application delays?

You can think of a few alternatives, such as deferring your course starting date if it’s imminent. If your proposed start date is in Fall and there are only a few a week or days left to start classes, you should request your DLI to change course to start at a later date like Winter intake.

You may also consider sending a web form to inquire about your application status. Sending WebForm may help process your application quicker (mostly, it doesn’t). But if your application is within the standard processing time shown on the IRCC website, they will not respond to your inquiry.

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