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How to apply USA student visa from Bangladesh?

USA student visa from Bangladesh is not rocket science. This student visa guide will help you apply for a USA F1 or F2 study visa by yourself without any help from a third party. Many students asked how to apply for a USA student visa from Bangladesh. This step-by-step guide will make your visa application process very easy.

We will go through five simple USA Student visa guide steps from scratch.

Step 1: Choose a course and university in the USA

The first step should be finding the right educational institute and course for you. A high school (HSC/A Levels) graduate usually look forward to taking undergraduate admission, and a degree is passed student will look into graduate admissions. The United States of America is a massive country with plenty of options to study. Do some research yourself and find the right place for your higher education dream to learn in the USA.

Suppose it is too much for you to determine the right course and institutions. In that case, you may seek help from professional agencies like Graduate Track for career counselling, or even your counsellors/parents can advise you.

Step 2: Meeting American Institutes admission requirements

You must meet the admission requirements set by the faculty or university you choose. There are typically 3 types of admission requirements for US institutes

  1. Academic requirements e.g HSC/A Levels, Bachelor percentage/cgpa
  2. Language ability e.g IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo etc.
  3. Aptitude tests e.g ACT/SAT, GRE/GMAT etc.

Admission requirements can be found easily on your chosen university website or the faculty page. Once you fulfil the requirements, submit your application before the deadline with appropriate application fees (if required).

Step 3: Prepare financial sponsor documents for USA student visa

You must satisfy the USA visa officer that you have the financial ability to study in USA. So, arrange necessary documents such as personal savings, parents’ savings, source of funds, documents translation, affidavit/notary etc as required. How much money you need to show for a USA student visa depends on your I-20 find requirements set by your DSO. The usual and standard required fund for F1/F2 visa is one-year tuition and living expenses equivalent to Bangladeshi taka.

If you’ve fully funded admission from your DSO please request the necessary documentation of scholarships. Normally your I-20 will have that full-scholarship information. You can take help from expert agents or U.S accredited lawyers in Dhaka. 

Step 4: Apply for I-20 and Pay SEVIS fees

Once you decide on your course and university, please prepare your financial documents to prove your financial eligibility. Your designated school officials (DSO) will explain the required tuition and living expenses to issue I-20. Show the required financial/bank statement from your financial sponsor (e.g., parents, uncle/aunts, etc.) in the form of an acceptable bank. 

Next, DSO will verify your funds if that is sufficient. If so the school will issue you an I-20 for visa application. 

It is time for you to pay the SEVIS fees. Using the link, pay your SEVIS fees at least 72 hours before your interview with a US embassy visa officer. 

Step 5: The final appointment and interview with the visa officer

All set. Now, complete the DS-160 non-immigration visa application form online and schedule your visa interview with the US embassy. If your interview goes well the officer will keep your passport and congratulate you.

In brief, that’s a very easy way to apply for a USA student visa from Bangladesh. You may want to seek help from USA student visa expert in Dhaka if you need one. Good luck!

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