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Narayanganj is the city of heritage and culture. It is also a hub for commerce and industry, particularly the nation’s textile industry and the jute trade and processing facilities. Because of the many jute mills there, it is known as the Dundee of Bangladesh. Narayanganj city (district) is one of the closest cities to Dhaka’s capital—just 16 kilometres southeast of Dhaka city. The city has also evolved with their education system. Private education providers are offering a very high-quality education to the next generation. In particular, the English medium schools are remarkable and have produced notable alums over the years. Let’s look into the top five prestigious English medium schools of Narayanganj.

1. Philosophia School, Narayanganj

This school has consistently had excellent academic results and has remained true to its motto of character building. Serving in two branches and stuffed with an excellent 86 teachers, Philosophia believes in “True Education.” Having Mohammad Hatem as chairperson and Sinora Rahman as principal, this school is always diligent about upgrading its curriculum. The meritorious students have been scoring straight A stars in O-level exams. Students from Philosophia won multi-time The Daily Star O & A Level awards. Equal importance is given to extracurriculars through the celebration of different days like Teachers Day, Gratitude Day, etc. Other clubs are there for the students to furnish their talents. Philosophic Narayanganj has 532 enrolled students in this school, and admissions are going on for the 2024 session from pre-nursery to O levels.  

Philosophia Narayanganj

Philosophia runs the Pearson (also known as Edexcel) and Cambridge curriculum for IGCSE or O levels. The school also has a Bangladesh Secondary school curriculum in English version.

2. Changes, Narayanganj 

Established in 2002, for the last 21 years in Edexcel curriculum Changes has been relentlessly working on providing a world-class education to students who can change the world. Believing in the motto “knowledge wielded by love,” they have created a friendly environment in the school where the teachers are friends of the students. Changes have a space for mutual interchange, and through this process, this school has produced students who later went to reputed universities at home and abroad. Changes has an Arts and Craft Club, Astronomy Club, Changes Cultural Club, Debate Club, Literature and Creative Writing Club, and Sports Club; hence, there is something for everyone to participate in. This school has a minibus service to ease students’ commutes. This school has a July to June session policy divided into four sections: infant, junior, mid, and senior. You can contact the school directly for their updated tuition fees. The school is located at 208 Bangabandhu Road, Chashara, Narayanganj. 

3. Heritage School 

Heritage School is one of the most digitally facilitated schools in Narayanganj. Heritage has interactive touch-screened whiteboards in classrooms where teachers can easily access the internet and show relevant content to the students. Also, it has well-equipped computer labs. Heritage is vigilant about participating in various inter-school competitions and national programs. They arranged fundraising programs, leadership and motivation workshops, etc, to expose the students to volunteering and leadership roles. It acquired notable positions in the Math Olympiad, the British Council book reading competition. I-genius etc. Teaching in edexcel board, this school takes pride in educating students outside of textbook education; they spread knowledge that can be used in real-life practice. 

4. ABC International School

Since founding in 1997, ABC International School Narayanganj, Bangladesh, has built a distinguished reputation for providing top-notch instruction for students in Play Group to O-level. With campuses in Uttara and Narayanganj, the school has overcome obstacles to attain success under the direction of Principal Ms. Parveen Akter. The school’s thriving O-level community, which performs in the Edexcel curriculum, is recognized with Daily Star awards and is a testament to its devotion to academic quality. Acknowledged globally by Edexcel, Pearson, and the British Council, ABC is proud of accomplishments like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. Its popularity is attributed to its first-rate facilities, which include state-of-the-art classrooms and efficient labs. Its extensive extracurricular program includes science fairs and math Olympiads. The motto of ABC International School is “We care for your children… as you do,” and it serves as an icon of education, developing versatile individuals for success in a globalized society. 


Mount Royal Academy is the first English-medium school in Narayangonj and has been operating since 1996. Having the motto of “In the spirit of learning,” the school has top-notch educators instructing cutting-edge, substantial programs with practical and productive approaches. Areas of instruction include Business and Economics, Science and Mathematics, Social Studies and Language. With more than 20 years of experience and a track record of boosting student satisfaction and achievement, the school has received acknowledgment from both the British Council and Pearson. Following the Edexcel curriculum, the students have made their mark in both O and A levels with even the world’s highest scores, bagging several Edexcel High Achiever Awards. Pupils demonstrate superiority in academics and extracurricular activities like science fairs, debate, and cultural clubs.

In conclusion, these schools have stood over time. Any parents In conclusion, these schools have stood over time. Any parents looking for quality education for their students can opt for these institutions in Narayanganj, Bangladesh. Graduate Track Bangladesh is one of the most reputed educational agent helping students for higher studies abroad. Graduate Track Bangladesh has helped many students from Narayanganj to find placement to the study in the UK, USA, Canada, Austalia, Malaysia and more.

Bear in mind that the selection and admission process is competitive, but the reward is also splendid. Hence, choose early and wisely!

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