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Newfoundland and Labrador is the newest of Canada’s ten provinces. The name of this province was officially set to ‘Newfoundland and Labrador’ in 2001. As The Memorial University of Newfoundland is the only university, it has a special obligation to the people of this province. The university was established as a memorial to the Newfoundlanders who lost their lives on active service during the First World War. Memorial University draws inspiration from these sacrifices and helps to build a better future for the province, the country, and the world.

Why study at MUN?

More than 19,000 students from all over the world come together in search of quality education. From basic to advanced technology, Memorial University offers certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees across 5 campuses and online. A global network of about 100,000 accomplished alumni from the globe strengthens Memorial University of Newfoundland’s capacity and reputation for leadership in research, teaching, and mass engagement. Moreover, the university offers Canada’s only MBA in social enterprise and entrepreneurship. Memorial University is ranked as one of Canada’s top 20 research universities. According to QS World University Rankings 2022, Memorial University of Newfoundland is ranked between 751-800. MUN is the world’s only co-op program in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering.

Popular undergraduate courses at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)

Memorial offers a vast range of courses. The university has two campuses and a separate Marine Institute for ocean-related studies. More than 100 degree programs are offered at MUN. Some of the popular undergraduate courses are- 

  • Business Programs, e.g., Bachelor of Business Administration, International business administration.
  •  Humanities and social science, e.g., Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics etc.
  • Science programs e.g., Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nutrition, Environmental Science, Earth sciences, Geography, Ocean science, Political Science etc. 
  • Engineering programs, e.g., Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering etc.
  • Human Kinetics and Recreation programs, e.g., Kinesiology. 
  • Ocean Science and Maritime studies, e.g., ocean mapping, safety Management etc.
  •  Arts programs, e.g., Education, English, communications etc.
  • Fine arts programs, e.g., Theater, Visual arts.
  • Medicine and Pharmacy Programs
  • Nursing Programs.

Popular Graduate courses at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial offers a wide range of master’s degrees, including interdisciplinary and professional programs. The programs that the university offers have some of the lowest tuition rates in Canada. Competitive funding packages and scholarships are available for deserving Canadian and international graduate students.

  • Business Programs, e.g., MBA, Accounting, Management etc.
  • Master of Arts programs, e.g., Anthropology, Archaeology, Arts and Education, Sociology, English etc.
  • Master of Science programs, e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Psychology, Political Science, Food science, Environmental Science, etc.
  • Engineering programs, e.g., Computer engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, oil, and gas engineering etc.
  • Professional programs, e.g., Public Health, Artificial Intelligence, Pharmacy, Occupational health and safety etc. 
  • Medicine and Nursing programs.
  • Human Kinetics and Recreation programs, e.g., Master of Kinesiology.
  • Maritime studies and Management.

International tuition fees for Undergraduate students

Samples below are the costs for two semesters (10 courses) of a bachelor’s degree program for new students starting in the 2022-23 academic year (effective from fall 2022). In the past MUN tuition fee was one of the lowest in Canada; thus, it was very popular among Bangladeshi students, but their new increased tuition fees are still manageable for many students and their families.

New Tuition fees for International Undergraduate (Bachelor) Students As of fall 2022 is estimated $20,000 per year.

Graduate Tuition fees at MUN for International Students

Graduate tuition fees at Memorial University of Newfoundland are among the lowest in Canada and also offer competitive funding packages for graduate students in research-oriented programs.

International Students Fees(full program)  

  •  Graduate Diploma – $6,390
  •  2 years master’s Program – $9,666
  •  1 year master’s program – $6,654
  •  Master of Science in Medicine – $12,000
  • Master of Maritime Management, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Education, Master of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Master of Science (Computer Science), Master of Social Work. – $15,600
  • Master of Artificial Intelligence, Master of Science in Software Engineering. – $9,666
  • Doctoral programs – $17,988

Tuition fees are subject to change at anytime** (check MUN website for accurate fees).

Admission Requirements at MUN

Memorial University welcomes students from inside Canada as well as all over the world. General admission requirements are given below.

Undergraduate Programs

Admission requirement varies from country to country. For Bangladeshi students, the minimum higher secondary certificate must be completed along with previous education. Scanned copies of official transcripts and supporting documents are needed to be eligible for application submission. 

The required subject areas are – English, Mathematics, Laboratory Science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics), Social Studies or Modern/Classical Languages and Elective.

*Minimum grade is to be obtained for the required subject areas. 

Calculus is a required course in the first year of business/commerce (only for St. John’s campus). It is also required for science programs. 

English language proficiency test 

IELTS: For IELTS, a minimum overall band score of 6.5 is required, with at least a band 6 in reading and writing. (Note that: General training results are not acceptable).

Duolingo: At MUN minimum score of 115 is required.

Cambridge Assessment English: A minimum score of 176 in C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency is required.

TOEFL: A minimum score of 79 is required. 

Graduate Programs

To be considered for admission to a Graduate program, the minimum general requirement will be a second-class degree in an appropriate area of study from a recognised university. For Bangladeshi students to be eligible for application, up to a bachelor’s degree must be completed. 

English Proficiency requirements

  1. TOEFL paper-based score of 550 (or higher)
  2. IELTS overall band score of 6.5 or higher.
  3. PTE Academic minimum score of 58 in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  4. Only in exceptional cases and only upon the Department/Faculty/School’s recommendation will the Dean consider applicants who do not meet one of the requirements. 

All the official documents of previous education and supporting documents, including English language test results, are required to be eligible for admission. 

How to apply:

For Graduate and Undergraduate students, the application procedure based on the general admission process is almost similar. However, for graduate research programs, students must contact and manage a supervisor before applying. Step by step online application procedure is given below. You may also take help from local authorized educational representative in Bangladesh.

a) Choose a program and a campus

The Memorial University of Newfoundland offers a wide variety of programs, with over 100 degree options and multiple campuses. 

b) Review application deadlines

Application deadlines vary from program to program. Students need to check the deadlines for a program before applying. 

c) Check the admission requirements

Admission requirements are similar for general admission. But some programs demand different requirements which need to be checked.

d) English language requirement

After the admission requirements, English language test results need to be checked.

e) Start the application

After arranging all the documents and following the steps above, students need to begin an online application. The application takes only about 30 minutes to finish. Students may start an application, save it, and return to it at any time before submitting it. A Visa or MasterCard (credit or debit) is required to pay the application fees (120 Canadian dollars for International Students), when submitting the application.

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