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Apply to study Middlesex University London with official agents in Bangladesh. Graduate Track Consultancy is the official agent of Middlesex University in Bangladesh. GTC supporting Bangladeshi students to study at Middlesex University to their London, Dubai & Malta campuses.

Middlesex University London (MDX) is a public research university located in London, England. Established in 1878, it is one of the oldest universities in the country and has a long and rich history. The university is renowned for its diverse student body and its commitment to excellence in teaching and research. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across many disciplines including business, engineering, law, media, science, technology and more.

In addition to this academic excellence, MDX London also boasts an impressive alumni network that includes prominent figures such as the Nobel Prize winner Sir John Gurdon and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. With its unique combination of history and modernity, Middlesex University London provides an ideal setting for students to pursue their dreams.

Middlesex University London’s Unique & Award-winning Academic Programmes

Middlesex University London is renowned for its unique and award-winning academic programmes. With a range of courses available in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Humanities, it offers students an unparalleled opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in business or the creative industries, Middlesex Uni London has something for everyone. From industry-specific courses to research opportunities, the university provides its students with an enriching learning experience that prepares them for professional success. With its cutting-edge teaching methods and innovative approaches to learning, Middlesex is at the forefront of higher education in the UK.

The World-class Facilities That Set Middlesex University Apart

Middlesex University offers world-class facilities that set it apart from other universities. From state-of-the-art lecture halls and classrooms to modern libraries and laboratories, the university is dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning environment. Students can also take advantage of the university’s extensive sports facilities, which include a fully equipped gym and swimming pool, as well as tennis courts and a running track. With such impressive amenities, Middlesex University is an ideal place for students to study and thrive.

Living in and Exploring the City of London with a Study Abroad Program at Middlesex University

Studying abroad at Middlesex University in London is an amazing opportunity to experience the vibrant culture and energy of one of the world’s most iconic cities. Not only will you get to learn from some of the best academics and professionals in the field, but you’ll also have plenty of time to explore London and all it has to offer. From its rich history and stunning architecture to its lively nightlife and diverse cuisine, living and studying in London is sure to be an unforgettable experience. With a study abroad program at Middlesex University, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore this amazing city while learning new skills and making lifelong friends.

Fees and How to Apply at MDX

  • Undergraduate Int’l Tuition fees: Approx. £14,800- £15,600 p/a
  • Postgraduate Int’l Tuition Fees: £14,800- £15,600 p/a
  • CAS Deposit for International student: 50% of the first year tuition fees
  • Scholarships: £1000 to £3,000
  • Faculty-student ratio: 1:17
  • Room & Board (accommodation) in London : From £800 to £1500 monthly
  • Application Fees: FREE
  • How To Apply: Contact Middlesex Authorised agent in Bangladesh Graduate Track

Make Your Dream Of Studying At Middlesex a Reality!

Middlesex University is a world-renowned institution that offers students the opportunity to pursue their dreams of higher education. With a wide range of courses, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced faculty, Middlesex provides an ideal environment for students to learn and grow. Whether you are looking for a degree in business or engineering, Middlesex has something to offer everyone. So make your dream of studying at Middlesex a reality today!

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