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A trusted institution framework will be introduced in Spring 2024 for the Canada student visa stream. Designated learning institutes (DLIs) will be two tired for admitting overseas students to Canadian colleges and universities. The federal government has been working to make a policy for better international student program (ISP) support and to increase the quality of education systems. As usual, the two tired institutions will recruit international students to their program, but the “Trusted institution” titled DLIs accepted students will get better visa services.

The framework will benefit international students with better educational support, housing, and faster visa processing. Because it expedites the visa application process and gives prospective students a sense of quality and dependability, the Trusted Institution designation will become a competitive advantage for educational institutions looking to draw in and keep international students.

Although the exact requirements for the Trusted Institution designation are still being worked out, they probably will include metrics like retention rates, percentage of international tuition revenue, on-time programme completion rates, funding for international student supports, funding for housing administered by DLI, and teacher-student ratios, among other things. Scholarships awarded to international students from less developed countries are also likely to be included.

Key highlights of “trusted institution framework.”

  • Beginning in 2024, Canada will create a two-tiered system for Designated Learning Institutions, with selected DLIs being named Trusted Institutions.
  • Visa applications to Trusted Institutions will be processed more quickly.
  • The action is a component of a bigger plan to update the International Student Programme for Canadian Immigration.
  • It is associated with rising worries about visiting students’ housing access and even talks of capping the number of foreign students studying in Canada.

How Bangladeshi students may benefit from Trusted institutions 

Bangladeshi students interested in studying in Canada have a common problem: lengthy student visa processing. Bangladesh has no Canada visa processing centre despite having a Canadian high commission in Dhaka. Thus, all visa processing for Bangladeshi nationals need to submit their visa through VFS Global, and they transmit those applications to the Singapore Visa application processing centre. This is a significant time process for Bangladeshi students, visitors or other category Canada visa seekers. 

Bangladesh still needs to be included in the student direct stream (SDS) program for a faster visa process. Bangladesh is not in the student direct stream (SDS) program. 

One of the trusted institution framework benefits is ‘faster visa processing’. This is where students from Bangladesh should consider admission to the “trusted institute.” Suppose the trusted institute framework is published and implemented by the Canadian government. In that case, many Bangladeshi students can avail of these benefits by getting admission and their Canada student visa gets processed faster. 

Data on study permit approval rates, country of origin, and post-graduation student outcomes—such as switching to a different visa like the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)—will also be gathered by the Canadian government. In the spring of 2024, the first list of Trusted Institutions is anticipated to be made public.

“Canada is on track to welcome 900,000 international students this year,” said Immigration Minister Marc Miller in a recent interview.

Canada is on track to welcome 900,000 international students this year.

Marc Miller – Immigration Minister, Canada

Because of its excellent educational system, reasonable cost, flexibility to work while pursuing a degree, and the possibility of immigration to Canada after graduation, Canada is one of the most popular study-abroad locations in the world for international students.

A record-breaking 551,405 international students from more than 180 countries were admitted to IRCC in 2022. When it comes to the top nations from which fresh international students are sent to Canada, India comes in first. Bangladesh is one the raise for sending more and more students to Canada.

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