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Universities in the UK are known for their top-notch instruction and research, according to international rankings such as the QS World University Rankings and the Global Rankings. Another factor contributing to the UK’s popularity as a study destination for international students is the availability of a wide range of subjects and courses.

Choosing a degree can be difficult because around 400 providers and over 50,000 undergraduate programs are offered throughout the UK. To assist you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 popular undergraduate degrees to study in the UK for international students. The following courses are the most popular in the United Kingdom among international students.

List of top 10 undergraduate degree to study in UK

1. Business

The most sought-after degrees in the UK are all business-related. An organisation’s planning, management, and operations are the main topics of a business and management degree. The British Business Schools have a distinguished reputation on a global scale because of their long and rich history of producing outstanding future industry professionals. 

Students can study each component of a corporation, including topics like finance, marketing, human resources, and administration. The popular business degree in the UK includes Business Administration, Finance and Management, Marketing, International Management, International Business, Business Analytics, MBA, Banking and Finance, etc. Many Business programs also provide placements with internationally renowned businesses, allowing students to experience firsthand what the career entails.

2. Electrical Engineering

The leading engineering and technology schools in the world can be found in the UK. Electrical engineers innovate to address society’s communication, technological, and energy needs, from solar power systems to cell devices. They improve the gadgets and techniques we use every day. 

The engineering study programs are heavily research-based and are intended to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in the employment market. Graduates with a degree in electrical engineering will find employment prospects in various industries, including telecommunications, the computer sector, and the automobile industry.

3. Natural Sciences

British academics are among the world’s leading researchers, contributing a substantial proportion of the scientific workload annually. British academics received 15.2% of all citations in scholarly works in 2016. 

Biological sciences, Mathematical sciences are pretty popular among international students. Some popular natural science degrees offered in the UK are Marine Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, and Earth and Environmental Science.

4. Computer Science

Computer science is a dynamic and quickly expanding field that has shaped the modern world in which we live. An undergraduate degree in this area will provide you with a thorough understanding of the theories and cutting-edge technology, enabling you to create innovative solutions to society’s problems.

Algorithms are created and analysed by computer scientists. They also research how well computer hardware and software work when solving programs. The most popular degrees and career paths for international students in the UK in this field include computer engineering, information technology, information systems, and software engineering. Additionally, graduates will be able to work in various disciplines like computational and data sciences, gaming and animation, bioinformatics, and medical informatics. 

5. Law

A law degree is highly valued, and earning one in the UK will lead to various professional prospects. As a result, this degree is becoming quite popular with international students. The United Kingdom has some of the world’s oldest and most renowned law schools. Law degree is one of the most popular undergraduate degree in the UK for overseas students.

To study for law degrees, you must visit UK universities to become one of the best lawyers and at least have one degree from British universities. UK universities provide the best law degrees, and qualifications are very prestigious. 

The benefit of studying law in the UK is that the curriculum is shorter in duration. The Bachelor of law degree will complete in just three years, making the UK an appealing destination for university students. With a Law degree from the United Kingdom, students can work as an Administrative Law Judge, Attorney, Legal Counsel or advisors, Associate Attorney, and so on. Popular law degrees in the UK are Foundation degrees in Law, LLB (Hons), Criminology etc.

6. Medicine

The United Kingdom has a longstanding experience in training medical students from various parts of the world. The British medical education system provides students with thoroughly thought-out instruction and opportunities to work with professionals and researchers in the field to achieve their full potential.

Some popular medical degrees offered in the UK for international students are Surgery, Dentistry, Molecular Medicine, Psychotherapy, Nursing, Biomedicine, etc. the perks of enrolling in a medical program in the UK are numerous. With a medical degree, you can work as a surgeon, psychiatrist, pathologist, cardiologist, and many other professions.

7. Social Sciences

Students worldwide are becoming more interested in social science degrees from the UK because of the country’s high standards for instruction, state-of-the-art learning environments, and multicultural experiences. With this degree, students can explore various subjects and acquire several skills. Social science have many options at undergraduate degree level courses to study in UK.

Sociology, Psychology, Criminology, Linguistics, Economics, History, Political Science, and other topics are among the many social sciences frequently covered. Social science graduates can work in crucial disciplines like politics and social work. They can have a global impact by influencing public policy, doing market research, working in public health, doing social work, and more.

8. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the area of engineering that deals with the generation and application of heat and mechanical power for the creation, manufacture, and utilisation of machinery and tools. Students in this field will analyse, develop, produce, and maintain mechanical systems using physics and materials science concepts.

Students interested in researching, creating, and manufacturing various industrial products should pursue this degree. The students can choose to concentrate on Mechatronics, Engineering Design, Technology and Innovation Management, or Automotive Engineering. There are several work options for graduates in many industries, including chemical, oil and gas, construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and power generation.

9. Arts

Art courses from UK universities are becoming increasingly popular among international students. The UK is a remarkable place to practice and study Art and design due to its unique and effective combination of academia and creative freedom. Another popular bachelor degree in Humanities area.

An undergraduate degree in Art in the UK will provide students with a plethora of attractive work opportunities in the creative industry. Fine Art Painting, Graphic Design, and Fashion Design are some prominent degrees available to students in the United Kingdom.

10. Media Communication

Students who pursue a degree in media and communications at a UK institution will thoroughly understand how the media operates in the modern era while also developing significant cognitive, analytical, IT, communication, and creative skills. Undergraduate degree in Media communication can be always rewarding.

A bachelor’s degree in media communication includes linguistics, photo-editing, TV and radio production, audio-editing, and cultural studies courses. Graduates in media and communications can pursue employment in journalism, SEO, marketing, copywriting, TV, radio, cinema, and more.

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