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MOI Accepted Universities in the UK

Many UK universities accept Medium of Study Instructions (MOI) in English from selected Bangladeshi universities. Bangladesh students constantly seek an opportunity to study in the UK without IELTS. Several British Universities recognize the medium of study instructions in English as an alternative language assessment method. Higher educational institutes maintain their high standards by asking for language proficiency skills. UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) standard language assessment tests are IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, PTE Academic, PTE Academic for UKVI, Trinity College London, LanguageCert etc. These are the tests recognized as UKVI SELT.

However, Higher educational institutes (HEIs) have the right to make English assessments independently. As a result, UK public universities sometimes accept alternatives to SELT tests. In the past, they took Duolingo, OIETC, etc., due to COVID-19 restrictions when students had limited ability to sit for examinations.

A good number of UK institutes also conduct their own English language assessment tests known as internal tests. Typically MOI is an easy option for the students to prove their eligibility in the English language, but this has not been widely recognized.

We experience a lot of inquiries to know the list of UK universities accepting MOI. You shouldn’t seriously consider MOI as your go-to solution. The best option is always to take the IELTS exam test and achieve the desired IELTS score to fulfil admission requirements. So here are our UK university lists that accept MOI from recognized Bangladeshi universities.

University for the Creative Arts (UCA)

UCA is very popular among Bangladeshi students studying in the UK. Especially their Business school programs are very popular for international students. UCA is one of the UK’s top-rated and largest specialized creative arts universities. Their creative business school provides an excellent opportunity for overseas students to excel in their careers. UCA only recognize selected Bangladeshi university’s MOI. A complete list of UCA-approved Bangladeshi institutes is available here.

UCA only accept students who graduate within the last three years in terms of MOI letter. Anyone who graduated more than three years from UCA’s proposed degree start date may not be eligible; e.g. Bachelor’s degree passing the year 2019 onwards will qualify with an MOI letter as English proficiency proof. 

University of Portsmouth

Another popular university for Bangladeshi students. The University of Portsmouth has a list of approved Bangladeshi universities. Portsmouth university has great options for studying postgraduate degrees in the UK. The university accepts other types of English tests as well periodically. You should keep an eye on our website for Portsmouth’s latest tuition fees, scholarships and other updated information.

The University of South Wales

The University of South Wales has a wide range of courses with affordable fees. South Wales has lower living costs compared to studying in London. The University of South Wales (USW) has categorized lists of Bangladeshi institutes to approve MOI-listed universities. South wales welcomed Bangladeshi students for many years to study undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Other UK universities accept MOI letters

The above three universities regularly accept MOI as an IELTS alternative. Other UK institutes periodically consider MOI as proof of language proficiency. The University of Suffolk, the University of Brighton, and the University of Huddersfield are among the few accepted selected Bangladeshi university MOI. 

However, these universities do not always take MOI. You should consult with your agent before you proceed with admission without IELTS. As a top educational agency in Bangladesh, we are helping students to find the right course, institute, admission and visa to study in the UK. Take our free consultation and start processing your application. 


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