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The Australian government just announced in demand an extended post-study work permit for overseas students. Post-study work rights are increasing for international students by two additional years to cover their labour shortages. At the same time, this is an attractive proposition for international students to stay longer in Australia. The proposed extended work right is yet to declare which disciplines benefited from it. But most likely, nursing, engineering and technology. Australians are struggling to fill vacancies in these sectors. 

A group of representatives will advise which course will be eligible and report to the Australian government by the end of October this year. The group includes the International Educational Association of Australia, The National Territory Education Union, Universities Australia and Australian Home affairs. 

Only 16% of the international student population remain in Australia after completing studies,” said education minister Jason Clare. The Australian government wants international students to settle in Australia and contribute to their skills shortage.  

What does it mean by the extended Post-Study work permit? 

It means a Bachelor’s degree student will now benefit from having four years, Masters’s student for five years and a PhD student maximum for Six years. International students will benefit from this opportunity, without a doubt, to study in Australia. 

However, this work permit has not been finalized yet. But this will increase the volume of new applications to the Australian institutes. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, overseas students have significantly decreased due to stricter border control and immigration rules. 

How long is the post-study work visa or Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

Once you complete a degree, either Bachelor’s or Masters’s/PhD in Australia, most international students get eligible for Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485). 

Present rules allow overseas students to apply for up to 2 years for Bachelor’s, Masters’s coursework, master’s by research, and three years and four years for PhD students under subclass 485. 

If the new rules implied, all levels of eligible education degrees would gain additional two years. Applicants need to wait for further details about the immigration rules till the end of 2022. 

Study in Australia from Bangladesh

There are plenty of opportunities for Bangladeshi students to study in Australia. Students from Bangladesh are becoming more interested in investing in their future. Australian student visa consultancy agencies guide prospective applicants and their parents about the opportunities in Australia. Graduate Track Consultancy is one of Bangladesh’s pioneer educational agencies helping students find the right course and university in Australia. The agency supports the admission process and prepares students for GTE assessment and visa application free of cost. Graduate Track Consultancy does not charge fees for counselling and other services in Australia or the UK. 

Study, work and live in Australia

Are you a student from Bangladesh wondering about studying in Australia? This post might be right for you if the answer is yes. Australia provides very high-class education and is recognized globally. A degree from Australia will enhance your academic portfolio in the job market and gain valuable knowledge. 

Although Australian tuition fees are very high Australian universities and colleges, spend a lot of money on scholarships and grants for international students. Many universities provide 10-75% scholarships for South Asian region students—an excellent opportunity for Bangladeshi students to make the most out of it. 

After graduation, students are welcome to apply for a Post Study work (PSW) permit, and that professional work experience helps them to get settled in Australia. 


Planning to study in Australia!!!

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