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The University of Northampton is one of the TEF Gold-rated UK university, and Graduate Track in Bangladesh is an authorized representative agent helping Bangladeshi students with placement. Students from Bangladesh are finding the right top-ranked UK universities for higher studies. Graduate Track Consultancy helps Bangladeshi students to find the right course, university, and even accommodations for their higher studies. The University of Northampton has an outstanding reputation for its world-class education facilities. Students from Bangladesh are always seeking excellent universities with high standards and quality education.

The University of Northampton could be the perfect solution for studies in the UK. UON provides excellent teaching facilities along with affordable tuition. If you are a student from Bangladesh looking for approved agents in Bangladesh, you should seek help from Graduate Track. Graduate Track is a British Council and ICEF Certified agency in Bangladesh counseling international students abroad.

Scholarships at the University of Northampton

Scholarships are essential to the students who are always keen to know about them. The University of Northampton provides excellent scholarships to students. Scholarships are merit-based and available for all eligible students. University of Northampton scholarships are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university offers a wide range of scholarships like the “International Merit-Based Scholarship” range from 10%-30%, which could reduce your fees from £1,500 to £5,000 overall. 

Few of their Masters’ degrees with work placement is even less than £10k after scholarship. 

Students can also apply to external scholarships, e.g., “GREAT Scholarships” by the British Council. For more admission information on the scholarship procedures, contact us.

Authorized UK University agent in Bangladesh

Being an approved agent in Bangladesh for the University of Northampton, we are committed to providing excellent services to the students. Graduate Track Consultancy is also representing many other top UK universities. We aim to deliver all sorts of admission counseling and also help students with their desired accommodations services. Graduate Track Consultancy has no service or processing fees for students planning to study at the University of Northampton or other UK universities. 100% free admission and visa support for Bangladeshi students to study in the UK.

Studying in the UK from Bangladesh with Authorized agent

If you are a student from Bangladesh looking forward to studying in top-ranked UK universities, we are very committed to assisting you with the admission procedures. Our experienced counselors and staff will guide you through the whole study abroad journey. Students who want to study in the UK from Bangladesh will get all kinds of help and support to boost students’ confidence to secure UK student visas.

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